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Torsdag, Oktober 15 2020

Høringssvar - revurdering af GDPR

English resume of a danish post Citizen First has forwarded a response (in danish) to a Danish Ministry of Justice hearing about Review of GDPR.

GDPR has created a stir of complaints among developers and business operator who find it hard to deal with the requirement of "data protection". No big Surprise - as it is almost impossible to secure and ensure digital processes protect, respect and adopt to individual need after citizens are identified and control over the process and data have transferred.

Attempt to solve the problem through weakening rights forget

  1. that the problem is both real and solvable.
  2. that the cause of the problem is identification in the first place and that BigData AI is a systemic negative spiral damaging citizens and society.
  3. that GDPR actually balance the need for continuity with the need to restructure digital design to put citizens back in control with pseudonym signature as the most important element.

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