Humble introduction to CitizenKey in Danish

CitizenKey is to many a revolutionary new way of looking at digital design from a citizen-centric and trustworthy perspective. The essence being that we almost always can solve problems better without creating or using personal data at all.

CitizenKey overview.jpg, Jun 2020

When you have understood the implication, you will very likely get a eureka moment and wonder why we haven't done so long ago !?

The answer to that question is multiple elements.

  • It is complex - digital identity is on of our most challenging problems ever, also called a wicked problem.
  • Hard and software are only recently matured to solve the problem.
  • Internet standards was from the start designed for surveillance, not for empowerment.
  • We have an enormous technology debt in billions of devices and applications etc. that are not easily upgraded to trustworthy computing
  • Powerful players make fortunes and build power from surveillance and profiling - they won't voluntarily surrender that power
  • Digital technology scale vulnerabilities and problems while often eliminating traditional limits - this means that many fields require and update in theory and thinking which does not happen overnight.
  • Digital problems are multi-competence in world where education go in-dept on one competence meaning that few people are schooled in lateral thinking
  • Humans are good at learning, but horribly bad at unlearning and relearning - when first the bad paradigms of e.g. platform thinking was introduced it takes a generation to unlearn what people think they know
  • In the digital space, we need to answer questions, we never dared to ask before.

Digital Society is a Designed Society and all our mistakes scale out of control.

Here is an humble introduction to CitizenKey as a bid to overcome the complexities and apparent contradictions (in Danish)